Weinrich Advisors (Overland Park, KS)

Joe Weinrich Sr. has been in the investment and finance industry for the past 40+ years, specializing in helping retirees and high-worth portfolios, focusing on annuities and deferred investments. Joe came to us looking for a specialized solution to help get him leads where no one else in the industry was, and some scripts to help close those leads.

Joe's goal was to expand his business and generate QUALITY LEADS and close booked appointments with some specialized call scripts.

Our follow-up system, combined with some specialized call scripts, let Joe take advantage of a piece of his market that no one else is accessing.

Stratosport helped Joe gain dozens of high-quality leads, leading to a COMMISSION volume of $28,400.

Hi, Joe Weinrich III (SVP Operations) here.
You're probably wondering how the hell the ROI here is so high. Well, I'll be honest--we did this work for free. Ad-spend, service-fee, everything.
The investment put down to calculate the ROI was $6.27, the cost of the McDonald's meal my grandfather bought me to sit down and go over the specifics on these campaigns.
So yes, the ROI is crazy and disproportionate, but it's not wrong. And even if you calculate a service fee of $1,395+$500 in ad-spend, you're still looking at an ROI of 1,398.68%.
Crazy? Yes. Silly? Also yes. Stretching the truth? Nope.

1-Month (Winter) Return on Investment

 226 new active buyer leads
1,487.70% ROI
 In 1 month, Mark Brewer saw $2,000,000+ added to the pipeline and $31,500 in take-home commissions.

How We Achieved These Numbers

Stratosport took a three-step approach.
(1) Understand what Joe's current marketing strategy was and how he currently generated leads for his business.
(2) Analyzed the information of the people he's currently working with and matched those to users online we could retarget.
(3) Executed media buys at optimal times to make sure we missed any higher competition and high-cost leads.

Because our team of media buyers sits within the 4 walls of Stratosport, we’re able to provide results from a digital media mix that is ever-changing and ever-improving.

The Results

High-Value Portfolio Campaigns
In this campaign, we used a retirement guide advertisement to attract the right types of people and a long-form lead magnet to weed out any portfolios worth less than $500K.
Here are the results:
88 hot leads with portfolios worth $500K or more.
$3.19 average cost-per-lead (CPL)
Reach: 30,072 people
Impressions Made: 45,523

A Look Inside the Ad Account (Buyer Campaign)

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