Sporting Kansas City (Kansas City, MO)

Sporting Kansas City is a professional soccer club based in Kansas City, Missouri. The club is managed by Peter Vermes and has a 14-club network of youth affiliates. These youth affiliates draw players into a "player pathway" which brings players in young, and develops them into top-tier academy prospects for induction to the MLS. Sporting KC came to Stratosport when they needed a boosted registration

Bridget's goal was to generate HIGH-QUALITY BUYER & SELLER LEADS and follow-up with these leads immediately after acquisition to boost close rates.

We implemented a lead-generation and follow-up system with close rates higher than any other we've ever run and closed upwards of $100K in take-home commissions for Bridget over the course of 3-months.

Stratosport helped Bridget Brown improve her online presence and optimize for high-quality, responsive buyer/seller leads.

3-Month Return on Investment

 1,702.69% ROI
1,209 high-quality buyer/seller leads
 In 3 months, Bridget Brown saw $9,538,830 added to the pipeline and $120,510 in take-home commissions.

How We Achieved These Numbers

Stratosport took a three-pronged approach.
(1) Calculate how Sporting KC generated current program leads
(2) Used their location data to hyper-target users most interested in these programs
(3) Execute media buys in-house to save on markups costs and remain in charge of the data.
(4) Send all program registrations to an automated onboarding system through Acuity Scheduling

Because our team of media buyers sits within the 4 walls of Stratosport, we’re able to provide results from a digital media mix that is ever-changing and ever-improving.

The Results

Page Engagement/Awareness Campaigns
In this campaign, we used a brand awareness advertisement to attract the attention of as many people as possible to initiate them with the program and get them interested.
Note: these leads were targeted based on user behavior and demographics rather than by website. These ads were ran over the summer in preparation of the Fall program.

Here are the results:
218,375 people reached
0.93% CTR on awareness campaign
Frequency: 2.82
Impressions Made: 616,425

Conversion Campaign
In this campaign, we used a custom registration ad to drive program sign-ups and link into an Acuity Scheduler campaign.
Note: these leads were targeted based on pixel tracking and website traffic. No LAA audiences were used.

Here are the results:
50 new users added
$223.40 average spend per customer
$11,245 in up-front sales made
$100K+ in LTV added to pipeline

A Look Inside the Account

What Sporting KC Has to Say
“Stratosport did exactly what we needed them to do. We had already been a management client for many years, and we wanted to shift gears and go for more of an advertising standpoint, and Stratosport delivered. When we came to them with a service proposal for what we needed, they fortunately had a lot of ideas in mind on how to improve, and they really came through. We're looking forward to running all our future programs through Stratosport's campaigns and backend.

- Jon Parry, Director, Sporting KC

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