Database Reactivation

Using your database, we launch effective SMS & Email campaigns to initiate an offer and nurture an inbound lead. Think 30-40% of your database...ready to purchase.

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Capture the low-hanging fruit waiting to purchase.

With The Stratosport App™, we'll help your team set lead goals, generate inbound users, nurture those leads, and serve you hot prospects ready to purchase every time you get an appointment.
Note: the whole pipeline is tracked to the dollar.

The rundown

We reactivate the group of users most closely associated with your business and organically generate appointments with them. With our software, you have however many leads are in your database to work with each month. We close these at rates of 8-20%.

Our software in your hands

The software is a basic lead nurturing program that gives each lead a personalized experience with your business until they step through the door to meet with you to easily close the sale.
All the backend is done through The Stratosport App, which allows us to show our clients exactly what's happening, gives them the flexibility to set the tone, and track their profitability pipeline.

The optimization game

Nobody does database reactivation-why? Because we created it. Everyone talks about how many new different types of inbound lead channels there are, and to stay ahead of the curve, but by not spending a single dollar on ads and getting ridiculous close rates, we'd say this is about as ahead of the curve as it gets.

A simple, learnable approach

A lot goes into setting up full-fledged marketing campaigns, no matter the type. Our goal is to help you get where you want to be in every sense of the phrase. Which is why our goal is to eventually pass the reigns over to you. The Stratosport App gives us the flexibility to offer you best-in-class campaigns at a fraction of the normal cost.

Track and report everything.

Everything digital is tracked! Everything. Every impression, ad-dollar, and conversion. And we report this data each month. Every impact to your business, good or bad, is reported to you on the 30th of each month, with suggestions to change your strategy and fit your goal in a simpler, more effective way.
Marketers lie, but numbers never do. If you're interested in our case studies, click HERE.

Full responsibility.

Here's why we're different: most of our business is from referrals; we spend almost $0 on ads, even though we're an ad agency. Why? Because we take full responsibility for your growth while we're at the helm. We're not single-project people: we’ll do whatever is needed to hit your growth targets… even if some of that work is technically not “marketing.”

What do we do?

Construct systems for durable, scalable pathways to growth

A structural, long-term partner, rather than hiring freelancers on project-based items

Qualified experts on fields from paid ads to copywriting, and sales funnels to analytics

A fast, iterative approach with a sequence of high-speed adjustments & experimentation

We take full ownership over your growth—as your Growth Partner, we’ll do whatever is needed to hit your growth targets… even if some of that work is technically not “marketing”

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