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Facebook/IG Ads Management

Developing unique, proven media buying strategies helps us profitably scale business.
We hold ourselves to the highest standard and benchmark our success in Return-On-Ad-Spend.

In-House Creative Production

What’s our secret sauce? The harmony between data and creativity.
It’s true, our ads have allowed our agency to continuously scale business’ to 6-7 figures in monthly revenue.
Using data to guide the creativity behind these winning ads is our “not-so” secret sauce.

CRO & Web-Dev

When it comes to eCommerce, website traffic is only half the battle… the other half is getting that traffic to convert. Applying a combination of best practices, website insights/analytics, and A/B tests, we’re always aiming to get the most out of every visitor.
Our in-house devs build custom websites, landing pages, embedded forms, and conversion pages for each client.

Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing can contribute up to 40% of total revenue for eCommerce business?
That’s why we have an entire department dedicated to it.
Setting up all necessary automations, sequences, and workflows is the first step in maximizing our clients ROI. Step two? Reach out to learn more.


Our conversion copywriting is fueled by research to hit your customers’ most significant pain points, desired outcomes, and clear any objections in your ads. We make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with your copy and that you’re speaking directly to the heart of your audience.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Included with ALL applicable services, our analysis team collects thousands of data-points from every campaign and teaches you how to apply this data to run more efficient, profitable promotions.

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Our Process

One of our core beliefs is radical transparency for the purpose of solving YOUR eCommerce problems to take your business to the next level. Here's how we make sure to deliver the highest ROI possible for your eCommerce business.

Gathering Data

We listen. We collect information on your audience, target customer, product, specialties, ups & downs, struggles & successes...to make sure we're on the same page, and to create a firm foundation for us to springboard off, into profit.

Take Off

After we've collected the data, reviewed our work with you, and we're good to go, we launch the campaigns. Any platform obstacles will be addressed in this step to ensure smooth sailing!


At this step, we start scaling horizontally with SEO, affiliate marketing, Youtube ads & high production video ads. Your job will be to start thinking of developing superior products to prepare for the next phase of scaling.


After initial launch and first-data collection, we see what worked and what didn't, and send in campaign #2 with the new info we picked up.

Scaling Up

We use a tried & true method called "Performance Gate Scaling" (PGS) which utilizes AI and machine learning to optimize delivery of your best performing ads, and drop inventory of your low-performers. This is where your 6 & 7-figure months come in.


Our Work

lead gen - realTY EXECUTIVES


Real Estate Lead Gen

1,487.70% ROI in 2 months

226 Buyer/Seller Leads

$31,500 in GCI in 2 months

See the study
e-commerce -
Sporting KC YOUTH


Local Business eCom

506.53% ROI in 4mo.

50 New Patrons @ 2kLTV

$11,245 added up-front

See the study
lead gen -


Real Estate Lead Gen

$1,702.69% ROI in 5 months

1,209 Buyer/Seller Leads

$120,510 in GCI in 2 months

See the study


Auto Transport Lead Gen

$1,068,320 in sales CLOSED

19% close rate with auto-responder

Full-Service: ads, lander, SMS/email

Call and ask!
e-commerce - REIKIWISH


Local Business eCom

983.33% ROI in 1mo.

39 New Hi-LTV Patrons

$14,625 added up front

See the study
lead gen -


Financial Advisor Leads

567,900% ROI in 3mo.

88 new leads ($200K+ portfolios)

$28,400+ commissions

See the study
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